CDA01 Data Center

Flagship Owned & Operated Facility
600 W Appleway Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Security and confidentiality of your data: our priority

We built our CDA facility with security in mind.

FM-200 Gas Fire Suppression

Water and servers don't belong together. That's why we've outfitted our datacenter with a state of the art FM-200 Gas Fire Suppression System. Even in the event of a fire, your servers wouldn't be harmed.

Remote Video Monitoring

With over a dozen cameras throughout the facility covering every part of the datacenter from at least two angles, we have remote monitoring and recording to make sure that all your data is safe.

Access Control System

With every room in the facility requiring a proximity card and PIN, we are able to secure the spaces and make sure only the people that need to access critical areas of the building are able to.

High Availability Redundant Systems

From our Cummins Diesel Generators with over 5 days of onsite fuel storage, N+1 APC UPS systems, N+1 Trane HVAC units, to our redundant Juniper based network with diverse dark fiber into multiple other local carrier hotels for connectivity, we've thought through what it means for a datacenter to be high availability


Maximum Physical Security

With 24/7/365 monitored security and alarm systems, state of the art access control systems, cameras with 30 days of offsite footage storage, multiple split pods with separate access control policies, and more.

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